Shaking hands. Making deals. Establishing networks. Negotiating with institutions. Studying exchange rates. Practising solidarity. Getting things across. Becoming a stranger to yourself. Language, money, gestures – this unit is about the field of interaction with people and institutions, and about the art of translation. Translating means giving up to some extent your ‘own’ without fully merging into the ‘other’, it means to work, through constant failure, on dismantling the binaries that still determine discourses of migration and integration. Today, we are all always already ‘lost in translation’ – how can we, from this uncertain position, from this difference to ourselves, develop a political practice? But also: what tricks do we need to get along in our transnationally organised everyday lives?

Ramona Lenz, Marcus Nolden & Sarah Weber

Mikiyas Taddesse Seyoum
getting away and being patient

Mikiyas Taddesse Seyoum
being there by getting away

Maciej Antonski
get away

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