Always on the road? In our everyday lives, in our jobs, on holidays – we are constantly asked to be ‘mobile’. The promise of mobility however often turns into a threat scenario when suddenly, instead of commuters, tourists or international artist collectives, the topic is migration. These simple oppositions however fall short in describing the complexities of a world on the move. If e.g. Germans plan to spend their retirement at their favourite holiday destination, does this not actually resemble an idea that many people have of immigrant workers? This is why here we say: Tourists and Migrants Unite! Migration does often not simply mean living in another country, but leading a life between many countries, and often settling in the in-between, in the transit zones of this world. Migration is a masterpiece in logistics. Migration requires knowledge of routes, itineraries or loopholes. Migration requires a different attitude towards property: what do I put in my suitcase if I can even take one? Goodbye Deutschland – yes, but how? – that’s the question discussed in this unit.

Michael Hieslmair/Michael Zinganel
Saison Opening: Arbeiten wo andere Urlaub machen

Arseli Dokumaci

Alexandra Karentzos
Andere Passagiere

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