Many super heroes are facing this dilemma: having to remain anonymous and leading a ‘normal’ life, while at the same time possessing superpowers and wanting to fight evil. Migrants encounter a similar alternative: when to stay under the radar and when to go for the spotlight? Mimicry, assimilation and passing on the one hand, and on the other hand the possibility to make use of difference: exoticism, otherness and hybridity are in demand on the globalised market. But how to avoid instrumentalisation and the latent essentialism inherent in this affirmation of difference? These are the questions discussed in this unit.

Kien Nghi Ha
Hybridität, migrantische Selbstinszenierungen und Fragen kultureller Subversion

Kien Nghi Ha
Rassismus Sucks. Bedeutungsverschiebungen als anti-rassistische Strategie

Heath Bunting
How to make your own new identity

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Get Away Kurs Oesterreich

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